your travel budget

It's designed for travelers to help organize and track their expenses.

Track your spending while traveling more easily

No more ruffling through foreign receipts and bags of souvenirs on your bed and recalling what you have spent.

  • Quickly add expenses on the go.
  • Check the statistics for your travel.
  • See at a glance how much you've already spent and what is available.


Keep the feeling of
travel alive

Add a note and an image to the spending. A Note and image of spending are like a small diary.

Feel like real money

Foreign money often doesn't feel like real money. Quickly to check how much it is in your home currency.

Multiple currencies

Use multiple currencies and set exchange rates you want.

Custom categories

Edit the categories at will. Add and remove categories, change icon and color, make categories you want.

Check the statistics

Check your travel expenses statistics. You can see the pie graph and total amount by category.

Export to files

Export your travel expenses statistics to PDF file, Also data to CSV file.

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